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Sweep your friends off their high horse and prove you’re the best! Spirit Sweeper is a whimsical, minesweeper-based, RPG where you fight for supremacy over other players in spirited puzzle battles. Every battle is a fast paced-race to see who can be the first to find the spirit stones. Assume the role of imps, golems, knights, and more as you collect spirit stones to unlock their special powers. Fans of puzzle games and the original minesweeper will be sure to love it. Do you have what it takes to be the best sweeper?


1)The nostalgia of minesweeper reimagined in a spirited, multiplayer, role-playing game.

2)Eight unlockable characters to bring into battle

3)Battle other players in real-time multiplayer mode and reach the highest rankings

4)Unlock special abilities to help you boost your game

5)Single player mode to practice and perfect your minesweeper skills


141031_SpiritSweeper.apk 31 MB